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Why Pet Sitting and not a kennel/cattery or home boarding?

Pet Sitting works especially well for:

  • Older dogs/cats that don't need a lot of stimulation
  • Diets and exercise routines are uninterrupted
  • Travel trauma for you and your pet is eliminated
  • Pet exposure to illness is minimised
  • Dogs that don't enjoy the company of other dogs and are stressed by the noise of some kennels
  • People who may not be comfortable with their pet being in a kennel / Cattery or someone's home
  • Familiarity for pets that may be blind/deaf or other pre-existing conditions
  • Radios can be left on for your pet to provide comfort for your animal 

Looking for an alternative to Boarding Kennels/Cattery? Holiday time can be a juggling act when you've got pets to consider. Padding Paws can take the hassle out of leaving your pet in boarding environments which often throw the animal into a state of stress and confusion. Perhaps your pet doesn't cope well in kennels/cattery and would prefer to stay in their own home full of all the creature comforts they already know, and then why not try our Pet Sitting Service: visits 2/3 times a day, feeding times are adhered to, messes cleared up, tons of love, affection and walks if required whilst you are away. 

We will take in post, open/close curtains, put bins out and switch lights on/off to give your home the ‘lived in’ look.

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We are only able to offer the Pet Sitting service if you have completed the relevant form or spoken with myself to arrange a home visit to meet you and your pet(s) to discuss requirements.